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200hr Teacher Training

Teaching yoga presents a beautiful blend of opportunities — it is meaningful, creative, service-oriented work that gives you a level of independence, freedom and ironically the connection that you won’t likely find at a desk job. With the right tools, teaching yoga can become a well-crafted lengthy career.

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You've completed your 200 hr YTT. Now get the guidance and feedback you need as you apply your skills in a real-time class setting. Gain confidence in the seat of the teacher. Get support and direction as you practice letting the light of your authentic presence call your student to you.

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300hr Teacher Training

You’re proficient at guiding students through an effective yoga class but you want more than proficiency. You want to have a sense of mastery. This training is designed to give you the ability to establish a deep, authentic connection with your students that is immediate, profound and sustainable. Answer the call that the Universe is making for dedicated people to heal, uplift, and inspire the world through the sacred technology of yoga.