If you find that you are longing for and seeking reconnection with your heart, we offer these retreats in service to your soul. Shift the way you experience life. If you feel trapped in your stories or patterns it may be time to begin to step back, review and reorient. Leave the day-to-day behind for a bit and connect with a more authentic truth of who you are…which ultimately, can change absolutely everything.

Downtime is necessary to replenish the brain’s stores of attention and motivation. Retreating encourages and fuels productivity and creativity, and is essential to  achieving our highest levels of performance in everyday life … moments of respite may even be necessary to keep one’s moral compass in working order and maintain a sense of self. Taking time to pause helps us to avoid the real danger of becoming too tired to remember who we are and what we value.



Dive deep into your being

If you have ever wondered…

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want in my life?
  • How can I improve my relationships?
  • How can I be at peace with myself and who I am?
  • What is holding me back?

Develop the ability to make deep, authentic contact with yourself and others; find the courage to stand up, be honest, and discover what is stopping you from being real; address, genuinely feel, and work through pain from past and current relationships; and reduce the dominance of the mind, and find what it is to be still and present.

This exclusive, small group program includes:

  • 3 | 3 day, 2 night retreats at Kodawari Kamp on the Santa Fe River
  • A monthly group meeting at the Yurt – 30min asana practice, 30min breath and meditation, 30 min shared smorgasbord, 1.5 hr book review.
  • A monthly 1-on-1 meeting with Annette

INVESTMENT | $2850 | Limited to 12 participants

DETAILS | The books, “A Year to Live,” by Stephen Levine and “Nonviolent Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg will be the core guiding texts for our profound healing journey. Invest in experiencing deeper meaning, connection and greater happiness in this transformational program. 

Over the course of the year, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain extraordinary insights into the places which are numb
  • Train to hear and heed the still small voice within
  • Experience a profound increase in courage
  • Investigate what holds us back from life – where we may trade off living wholeheartedly for getting by. 

This program integrates yoga, self-care, meditation, ritual and breath work, time in nature, time in community and time alone to present a revolutionary new way of living. Through multiple practices and exercises, we will find inspiration, a deep sense of inner peace, trust in yourself and others, and happiness. Gather the tools to be more connected to yourself and others, and cultivate the freedom to live your authentic life .  

This unique and revolutionary process of self-inquiry will help to reduce anxiety, depression and isolation. It will bring you closer to your inner strength and who you really are.

Each retreat cycle includes:

  • Opportunity for deep dives into stillness and learning
  • A pause to assess and reset the rhythms of life
  • Daily yoga, meditations and inquiry (the practice of asking questions to investigate and understand our experience of life) sessions.
  • Group exercises driven by the power of authentic sharing.
  • Meditative Forest Bathing 
  • Delicious, nourishing and clean eating
  • Cleansing rituals designed to open the mind and heart

When we live consciously, we understand and experience that everything is connected…bringing a significant and profound shift in our sense of care and responsibility for our own life, the lives around us, the world we live in, the survival of this beautiful planet, and how we can each contribute to affect positive change in our internal world (contentment, happiness, inner peace) and our outer world (relationships, climate change).

Discover the truth of who you are, and uncover the keys to living passionately, loving deeply, and being real.

Kodawari Kamp is conveniently located a little over 2 hours from Tampa in Branford, Fl on 30 acres of privately owned land along the beautiful Santa Fe River. The house has 4 full baths, 2 kitchens, 4 shared bedrooms, a large screened in porch, an open deck for night sky viewing, groomed trails and a screened in 40×20 yoga platform nestled among trees with a view of the river.

Each retreat weekend will include Friday evening’s meal, 3 meals on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. You will only need to bring your personal effects as Kamp is fully equipped for your complete care. 

DATES | Program begins Jan 13 | Wed evening | 6-9pm

1st Retreat cycle| Friday 6pm – Sunday 3pm | Feb 5-7

Wed evening 6-9pm | February 24

Wed evening 6-9pm | March 24

Wed evening 6-9pm | April 14 

2nd Retreat cycle | Friday 6pm – Sunday 3pm | June 11-13 

Wed evening 6-9pm | June 23

Wed evening 6-9pm | July 21 

Wed evening 6-9pm | August 11 

Wed evening 6-9pm | September 22 

3rd Retreat cycle | Friday 6pm – Sunday 3pm | October 1-3 

Wed evening 6-9pm | October 13  

Wed evening 6-9pm | November 17 

Wed evening 6-9pm | December 15

GREECE RETREAT | MAY 18-25, 2022



Join Annette for an extraordinary, once in a lifetime (unless you go again next year) 8 day, 7 night yoga retreat to Greece’s southern most island of Crete. This carefully curated trip takes you to from the international airport and Crete’s largest city Heraklion and delivers you to our stunning retreat setting…the historic village of Kapetaniana! Nestled in the Asterousia mountains and overlooking the Libyan Sea, this tranquil, unspoiled setting is home to Thalori Retreat – a place where nature and its gifts are combined with fine accommodation and the best in traditional Cretan cuisine.

The name ‘Thalori’ comes from the Greek: Thalassa (sea) and Ori (Mountain) – two words which describe our geographic position – a rare coupling that provides a unique accommodation experience in southern Crete.

All rooms are double occupancy (single occupancy can be had for an added fee). We will take three extraordinary excursions (sunrise yoga and meditation atop Mt Kofinas, a coastline hike to Crete’s most prominent monastery where we will take lunch with swimming and boating in the crystal blue sea in the afternoon. One afternoon we will go to a local Cretean market followed by a wine tasting and lunch at 150 year old family farmhouse amidst gorgeous ancient olive groves.

  • A non-refundable deposit of $500 USD is required upon registration with final payment due 30 days prior to our start date.


  • 7 nights accommodation – Includes all taxes and service charges
  • 3 nutritious and delicious authentic Cretean meals daily – vegan & vegetarian options available
  • Local Cretean House wines included in the evening meal
  • 3 excursions that include:
  • Hike to Mt. Kofinas for an unparalleled sunrise yoga and meditation experience.
  • Hike along the surreal crystal clear, brilliant blue Libyan Sea to Koudomas Monastery (Crete’s most prominent monastery) for lunch with the monks. Swimming in the sea to follow with (weather permitting) a sea return to trail-head…
  • Village and market visit followed by lunch featuring traditional Cretean cuisine and wines in a 150 year old family owned stone farmhouse.
  • Daily yoga & meditation practice  – all levels welcome
  • Ample time for rest, reflection, relaxation and exploration


  • Flights
  • Transfer to and from airports
  • Travel insurance
  • Optional excursions (trips to the sea, horseback riding, mountain biking – it’s almost endless)
  • Optional body treatments


$3000 w/out airfare/no transfers etc.
$500 deposit required by Dec 15th
Balance in full due Feb 15th (non-refundable)

For more information on Thalori village visit

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