Through this unique and interactive opportunity, connect with Annette in a small group setting to:

Our mentorship program is designed to enhance your personal development, leadership skills and ability to guide people deep into their own transformations. We focus on how personal growth can translate to the ability to cultivate safety, clarity of purpose, fluid intelligence, response flexibility, superior sequencing, voice modulation, presence, energy, and meaningful hands-on adjustments. Learn to lead and how to safely create profound transformative experiences. 

This provides 200 hour graduates with a platform to continue their studies, to get real time teaching experience and to receive immediate and useful feedback for the refinement of your skills. Through this unique and interactive opportunity, you’ll deepen your teaching range and go in-depth with Annette to:

  • Identify and break up your samskaras (patterns)
  • Establish your teaching goals and personal growth trajectory
  • Increase tapas (intensity) and tap into your teaching passions
  • Recognize abhaya (fearlessness) through practical teaching sessions and coaching
  • Clarify your teaching voice
  • Give meaningful adjustments to a student’s awareness through the body and mind
  • Expand your ability to theme, sequence and develop a class through many lenses

You will be encouraged and guided to move away from any self-limiting beliefs while being helped to move toward tackling the obstacles that prevent you from being the best teacher you can be. 

Open to anyone who holds a 200 hour Teacher Training certificate.

To signup for our next round of mentorship, email [email protected] for more details.


Small group – limited to 12 students 

3 | 3 day, 2 night retreats for deep dives into stillness and learning

A monthly group meeting – 1hr asana practice, 30min breath and meditation, 30 min shared smorgasbord, 1 hr lecture.   

A monthly 1-on-1 meeting with Annette 



Daily mindfulness and gratitude practice – daily journal entry – 10-15 min

2 | 40 day Sadhanas as discerned by you and Annette relative to your goals

Take class with Annette at least 2x’s a month

Attend monthly group gathering | lead one 60 min asana practice and receive feedback from group

Lead 4 Karma classes at Kodawari

Lead one 60 min retreat weekend asana practice

Assist in 6 of Annette’s classes throughout the year (Power or Meditation dependent upon your chosen focus)

Submit for review 4 videos of you teaching in your milieu  

Books for discussion in group settings: 

Dare to Lead | Brene Brown’s 

Lost Connections | Johann Hari

Marshall Rosenberg’s | NonViolent Communication

Donna Farhi’s | Teaching Yoga | Exploring the Teacher-Student Relationship

Lun & Sol | Shadow Journal

You’ll meet monthly with the group and privately in a 1-on-1 setting with Annette to discuss your development. The group setting will be for interpersonal development and practicing hands-on adjustments, teaching technique and reviewing the application of teaching methodology. Use your 1-on-1 time with Annette to identify teaching goals, ask questions, and receive feedback on your teaching progress. You will be given personal reading and journaling assignments relevant to your goals. 

Monthly Time & Location: Wednesday evenings, 6-9pm @ the Yoga Yurt

Asana Practice

It is recommended you practice at least 3 times per week (in a publicly offered class or on your own). You are required to practice with Annette no less than 2x’s a month. You will have a brief discussion afterwards to address questions regarding sequencing, assists and student interactions. You may be directed to partake or assist in specific classes dependent upon your needs and goals. 


You will offer assists in Annette’s class 6 times over the course of the year.  You will have a brief discussion afterwards to address questions regarding sequencing, assists and student interactions and to receive feedback and coaching about hands-on assisting.

Study of Self (Svadhyaya) Plan on 2, 40 sadhanas to assist you in breaking old habits and creating new patterns of thinking, being and doing. 

  • You may also be required to complete assignments, activities and readings chosen by Annette that have been specifically tailored to your personal goals.  


200-Hour Teacher Training graduate from any program

Must have attended seven or more Kodawari yoga classes.


Kodawari’s Mentorship is accredited with the Yoga Alliance and counts as 180 hours towards Kodawari’s 300-Hour Teacher Training Program.

Completion of the program does not guarantee a paid teaching position at Kodawari. However, it does prepare you to feel confident moving into the audition process as a yoga teacher.

Acceptance to the program is subject to Kodawari’s admission process. 




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200-hour yoga teacher training program certification (or equivalent).


Flexible Schedule: You have 6 months to complete the program from your start date.This mentorship was created to maximize schedule flexibility. All of your sessions will be scheduled with your mentor.


$2850 payable in 10 monthly installments

To signup for our next round of mentorship, email [email protected] for more details.