Relaxation. rEgeneration.

reStoration. Time away. (REST)

It’s for you. Inner work in the outer world. The revolutionary work of feeding your body and soul for inner evolution = Outer revolution.

Kodawari Kamp

Kodawari Kamp is a 2700 sq ft retreat center located in northwest central Florida. It’s a space that was selected with downtime, health, healing, connection and community in mind.

It’s one of the most beautiful natural habitats in the Southeastern part of the country and it’s ability to foster and support inner ease and steadiness (right in your own back yard) is unparalleled.

Come experience the wonder and creativity restoring sense of being removed for a moment from the busyness and bustle of your everyday life.

Sprawling across 30 acres of an undisturbed natural cypress, oak and long leaf pine that runs along the banks of the Santa Fe River Kodawari Kamp offers you a space and place to restore the stillness and peace within.

We will go for a ride down the gently winding river, go swimming in the cool, refreshing water, and make time to just relax on one of the raised decks so that you can observe the beauty of nature unfolding all around you.

We believe the journey of human evolution is still a work in process and that inner evolution is part of the outer revolution and transformation toward your best expression of you! Downtime, yoga, meditation, breathwork and time in nature are all tools that enable us to engage in the crucial, (r)evolutionary work of turning toward peace and vitality.

This retreat is your chance to slow down enough to experience what’s actually going on inside, what states of consciousness you are experiencing, what new ways of thinking and seeing might develop, what new solutions to problems or challenges to physical or psychological stresses might reveal themselves in this purposeful pause.

Kamp mission statement

This is an opportunity to settle our nervous systems, deepen our community and the connection to oneself and to nature. We will become steeped in stillness and experience healing that inspires wholeness. Retreats can be the crucial beginnings to a transformative journey. There is an opportunity for slowing down, making real connections and do conscious relating.

Now is the time to live at a deeper and more meaningful level and to connect more authentically with ourselves and others.


There are 4 separate bedrooms (visuals are below in the slider), 4 full bathrooms (one on the bottom landing which is where you can retire for a private “reading” experience…nudge, nudge, wink, wink). The bedrooms are all equipped for multiple occupants. Please keep in mind that you will NOT be spending much of any time in the bedroom…the retreat is about getting out of doors!

The house is also equipped with a laundry room, 2 full sitting or living rooms, a full indoor kitchen with an additional full gas grill and griddle cooking station on a large covered deck as well as a charcoal grill on the concrete landing beneath the house. The landing has picnic tables, a big Adirondack style swing, a seating area and a view of the river and the Cypress trees.

There are curated walking trails, open spaces, a floating dock that extends out into the Santa Fe River and two generous bonfire pits.

Outdoor camping areas adjacent to the house are seemingly infinite as the land has been cleared and curated for such purposes. Additionally there are currently 2 RV hookups on property for use upon request.

Kodawari Studios is proud to offer