Silence Your Stress.

Float Therapy: The Ultimate Relaxation of Mind and Body.

Turn down the noise. Turn up your resiliency and peace. Unleash your creativity. Mindfulness practice x 1000 in an hour.

Floating has many scientifically proven benefits. The intensity of its therapeutic powers increases over time, as your body learns to embrace the sensation and further relax into each new float. And just as every mind is unique, so is every float. Benefits will vary but each time you escape from the noise and at Kodawari we help both first time floaters and experienced regulars to leave each float session with a calm spirit and an open mind.

Your Wellness – Your Way

Floating is no new phenomenon. Ever since American neuroscientist John C. Lilly designed the first float tank in 1954, people have been experiencing the benefits of float therapy. Here at Kodawari, we understand that every person’s journey is unique. Maybe you’re a first time floater or you’re a sensory deprivation tank enthusiast; or maybe you’re looking to de-stress or seeking a deep spiritual connection, it may just be the desire to relax your muscles or you need some creative stimulation – whatever your motivation for floatation therapy, we are here to guide you in your journey to relaxation and repair.

What Exactly is Float Therapy?

Floatation therapy is a highly relaxing treatment for the mind, body and soul. The combination of highly concentrated salt water, along with the lightproof, soundproof conditions of float pods gives floating guests a sensation of escaping gravity. The mineral rich water, set at the same temperature as the body, is so dense with Epsom salt that when you’re in a floatation tank you effortlessly stay afloat, as if drifting on a cloud. On average, sessions last between an hour and 90 minutes, giving floaters time to sink into a deep and mindful full-body experience.

Preparing for your float start to finish

Welcome to one of South Tampa’s best brain health and bio-hacking tool – Floatation Therapy. Whether you are floating to reduce pain, relieve stress, or just overall relaxation here are a few tips to make your session a success. With these  personalized recommendations getting the REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy), you need is easy!

The Day of Your Float:

Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment time. This allows you to take care of paperwork and prepare for your float without pressure.

Avoid shaving, tanning, waxing or anything else that would increase the sensitivity of your skin.

We can provide Vaseline to protect any small cuts and grazes from stinging! Just ask us for a packet.

Hair color needs to be “set” before coming in to float (your shower water is running completely clear). Please reschedule if it is not.

We encourage clients to avoid caffeine for at least 4 hours before floating for the most relaxing experience.

Women experiencing their menstrual cycle the day of their float MUST reschedule their appointment — thank you

We recommend eating something small prior to your float, but allow at least 30 minutes to digest before your appointment.

What to Bring:

There’s a lot of salt in our float pods. Thus, it is best to avoid wearing your “best clothes” to come to your float appointment. We recommend comfortable garments that are easy to change in and out of so that you don’t have any hassle before or after you float.

We provide a towel, shampoo and soap. You may wish to bring personal care items such as deodorant, facial/body moisturizer and perhaps a comb or brush for after your float.

We encourage clients to float nude for the greatest experience—the room is private and features its own shower and changing area. Of course, feel free to bring a swimsuit if you prefer.

Those under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to float.

Your Float Session:

After showering you enter the Float Pod, which contains just 10 inches of water.

You can choose to leave your pod’s lid open or closed for your float. The lid is on hydraulic arms and opens easily when pushed.

Lie back gently; the buoyancy of the water will effortlessly support you.

Once your session has started you will have access to your control buttons for changing the lights.

Violet – calms highly-strung, excitable people;

Blue – peaceful and soothing Calming tired nerves, alleviating agony and pain;

Green – helps alleviate anxiousness, nervous disorders, tension;

Yellow – if you feel nervous or tired;

Orange – to increase appetite, need joy and well-being, stomach disorders nervousness, skin problems allergies, vertical grooves in your nails;

Red– has a stimulating power.

You are in full control of your light (which features a variety of options) during your session. We recommend turning it off for the deepest experience—but this is always up to you.

If you find that music enhances your relaxation you may also bring your own music for your floats—ask your float consultant to show you how! The float has ended once your Pod’s filtration system comes on and the water starts to move.

We suggest you try to refrain from touching your face while in the Float Pod to avoid getting salt into your eyes. That being said, we provide squirt bottles of fresh water in each pod as a precaution! Initially, pain or tension in the body may seem more noticeable. This is due to the float’s ability to eliminate the typical distractions we face. Simply breathe and know that this is normal. As the session progresses sensations will dissipate.

After Your Session…

After your session, drink plenty of water and get rest! We encourage you to continue to hydrate and relax. If you can, try to plan for the next few hours to restful, if possible.

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Flotation is a serious therapy; pay attention as the benefits of flotation carry into the days following your session. Take note of how you feel in the next few days.

Did you sleep better? Did you have any dreams? How are your pain levels? Do you notice a lighter, more carefree mood?

Although there are many ‘typical’ or common experiences, each person will have a unique response to floating in relation to their own individual physical and emotional needs. Regardless of the variety of responses, one general rule of thumb stands out, the more you float, the better it gets! We hope you’ll consider returning time and time again to experience the science of feeling great.

Watch this video for more useful tips on how to float!

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