Singing Out of the Shower | Kirtan and You

Singing Out of the Shower | Kirtan and You 10

Dana Kaplan is the leader & co-founder of the Orlando-based Kirtan band, To Bring Devotion. Kirtan is an age-old practice of Bhakti Yoga, the yogic path of unconditional love. In this call & response form of musical chanting, our minds soften & focus, while our hearts open to the Divine light that resides within us […]

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Meet the Mighty Michelle Ruiz!

Meet Michelle! She joins the Kodawari teaching Krewe today! She has a love for yoga and whether it’s an event close to home, a class or a yoga retreat far away, Michelle feels inspired to create opportunities for others to re-connect with themselves and others. In her words, “These experiences (of reconnection) are moments that change […]

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The Super Cheery Chelsey Quinones!

My name is Chelsey Quiñones, I am a twenty-seven-year-old from the sunshine state of FL. I recently moved back from Colorado Springs, Colorado where I was, among other things, a yoga instructor at CorePower Yoga. Since three years old, dancing has always been in my blood. And at 19, things came to a slight halt after […]

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Heart Openers – Courage and Vulnerability for Better Living!

Today is Valentine’s Day and while Hallmark is busy making beaucoup bucks on cards that point to some of the “mushier” (more transient) sentiments that are known to come along with romantic love a large portion of humanity is trying to find the courage to stay loving. As a practicing yogi I’m aware that the […]

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Mindfulness and Meditation – What Exactly is all this Hubbub about Stillness?

Mindfulness and Meditation - What Exactly is all this Hubbub about Stillness? 22

  Did you know that we are about to kick off a meditation class this Saturday @ 8:15-8:45am (Sept 29, 2019)? Well, you do now! You may be, before you decide whether to join in me (Annette) in sitting still, wondering what all this hubbub about sitting still, mindfulness and meditation is about and why […]

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6 Incredible Health Benefits of Floating

6 Incredible Health Benefits of Floating 23

So I totally lifted this blog from Bulletproof’s newsletter…and there is no shame in this game – why recreate the wheel? But here’s what is work saying…if something as “mainstream” and as well funded as Bulletproof is talking to us about how to hack your way into your best self through floating, then we might […]

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