Save yo’self…Retreat to the Woods – Gangsta Goddess Style

Save yo'self...Retreat to the Woods - Gangsta Goddess Style 1

Global data involving more than 290 million people confirms what we’ve been saying for years: Time outdoors could save your life. This is but one of many reasons we are trying to coax you out into the woods for the next Gangsta Goddess retreat…We know that you want to join us but if you need […]

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Retreating for some Noble Silence!

Retreating for some Noble Silence! 3

This Gangsta Goddess retreat is really shaping up to be spectacular…and while we don’t want to give every detail away know that we will start each morning with a period of silence (no talking) that we will hold from waking until lunch time. This practice of Noble Silence is very healing and will allow the […]

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A Gangsta Treat within a Retreat – Yoga Nidra

Retreating to the river within the woods isn’t the only thing that we will be doing on the Gangsta Goddess retreats. Our last blog discussed our plans for daily forest bathing and this blog will unveil our plans for doing a nidra on the daily! I started the research for this blog by looking up the […]

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