Acupuncture for Covid-19? Yes!!!

Chinese medicine is old, thousands of years old. The physiology, pathology, methods, and mechanisms of treatment are described in ways that are very different and seemingly whimsical when compared to their counterparts in western medicine. Case in point, catching a cold in Chinese medicine is called “a wind invasion.” The points used to treat the […]

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What is a cacao ceremony?

What is a cacao ceremony? 1

The natural world is full of beauty, sustenance, and healing if you only know where to look. For tens of thousands of years, human cultures around the globe had all of their needs met by plants, animals, and the natural resources that surrounded them. For medicine, they could find a finely stocked pharmacy in the […]

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Cleansing Food, Growing Rootz @ Kodawari and You!

By now, we hope you know in your heart of hearts that you are what you eat, drink, breathe, think and do…and with that in mind it only makes sense to avoid cheap, dirty or toxic food. At Kodawari, bringing you food that actually feeds and fuels you – the sort of stuff that helps […]

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