Infrared Sauna Coming! Part 1 of a Glisten and Glow Series

News Flash! Sweating (or getting your glow and glisten on) is good, if not great, for you. And while we at Kodawari studios already have infrared panels as a part of our hot yoga offerings we know that not everyone is down for exercising in a hot room or for that matter, running around out […]

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Sweating it out! Sauna sessions | Part II

Sweating it out! Sauna sessions | Part II 2

Having a hard time relaxing? Need to get some Zen on…Finding that you spending night’s awake “sweating” it out? Well maybe you really do need to sweat it out…in a sauna. In an infrared sauna to be exact. To be even more precise, in the Sunlighten infrared sauna that we just installed…We’re going to be […]

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