May 17 , 2020 / 8 minutes, 1 second

New, Post Covid-19 Studio Policies

Author: Annette K. Scott

Hand reaching out
Open hand, open heart – come join us on the mat again.

We are super excited by the prospect of being able to gather and practice together again. As a result of Covid 19, we are instituting new policies and procedures that we will need to engage in as a community. We will work hard together to make our sacred practice and wellness space safe for all. Thank you for working alongside us to insure our collective safety. 

  • For the time being, we will be limiting class sizes to 14 spaces in the Onsen room and 10 spaces in the Hana room. 
  • We will not be offering any hands-on adjustments at this time. 
  • Please use the Kodawari or MindBody app to login and reserve your space online prior to attending a class as space will be limited. We will not be able to accept walk-ins until such time that we have, as a state, been released to Phase 3. 
  • Because of our limited schedule and class caps, for the time being, we will be charging a flat fee of $20 per spot. Memberships and class cards will remain suspended until the Phase 3 benchmark has been reached. 
  • We will ask that if you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, you do so 2 hours prior to the class start time. There will be no refunds for cancellations, but you will keep the class credit. All cancellations within 2 hours of class time will be charged and class credit will be used. We believe that there will be a waitlist for every class and it’s our sincere hope that the spaces will be a hot commodity, so here’s your chance to be giving! When you can’t, make it possible for someone else to get their yoga on!
  • We will be opening with a limited schedule and staggering our class offerings so that we can maintain a superlative level of cleanliness in the building.  As such it would be immensely helpful to have you:
    • Arrive on time for class. We would ask that you enter the building no sooner than 5 minutes prior to a class start, nor any later than 5 minutes after a class start.
    • Leave the practice room and building promptly after class. You are more than welcome to have conversation and socialize in the sun (the sun is your friend, not the virus’s so get out there!)  in the parking lot, but in order to offer the same level of cleanliness to the next yogis, it would be best if you promptly vacate the building following a class. I HATE having to write these two requests out as it feels so counterintuitive to what I opened this business to do and yet, by virtue of everything I read…it’s the best way, at this time, to keep you safe. Please help me keep you safe.
  • The online format is going to continue to be available so if, for any reason, you are yet not ready to come back to the studio, you can still get your practice on! We are also working on an upgraded offering that should be ready for a reveal in August. 
  • Mats will continue to be available for rental as they are washed after every use.
  • Props – blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters – will be available at the front desk. Please return any props that you do use so that we can sanitize them after every use. You are more than welcome to bring your own if you have them. Blankets will be provided for a rental charge of $2 as they are washed after every use. 
    • We will be putting together a bulk order for all the above mentioned props so if you are interested in buying your own props, please respond to [email protected] so that we can send you an order list with prices.


Prayer hands in Natural Temple


  • PLEASE EXERCISE GOOD JUDGEMENT and DO NOT come in if you believe you have been exposed to Covid 19 or if you have any of the following: fever (please assess within 2 hours of your class or appointment time), cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, sudden loss of smell or taste, sudden chills, chills with shaking, abdominal pain and diarrhea with sudden onset. 
  • Additionally, we will be taking the extra precaution to use a no-touch thermometer to ascertain that you are not currently experiencing a fever of greater than 100.4. Also, if you are in the unfortunate situation of having a persistent cough or a sneezing fit while in class you will be politely asked to leave as this will certainly be disrupting to the other yogis who have paid dearly for their much coveted spot. We know that it is allergy season and yes, it sucks but this is our current time reality and we ask that you join us in exercising more caution AND awareness of others than ever before. 
  • Please use either our or your own hand sanitizer and wipes while you are in the studio. 
  • Be aware that upon arrival you will be directed to your practice or wellness appointment room. The practice rooms have been taped to show you where your mats can go, so that we can maintain the CDC guidelines of 6 feet of space. Please abide with the mat outlines as we work to insure the health of our collective.
  • We will be cleaning bathrooms, floors, door knobs, props throughout the day and in between classes. We are using both natural cleaners and a disinfecting solution/wipes to ensure destruction of viral and bacterial RNA on all surfaces that are considered high touch.


Lotus Flower in Pond
Let your practice bear the fruit of steadiness and ease.

In peace and with gratitude,    

Annette K. Scott, Founder

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