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Aquarius…You and your Anus or Uranus…

Author: Annette K. Scott

Aquarius...You and your Anus or Uranus... 1

Welcome to the time of the solar calendar known as ​Aquarius​! We entered into this zodiac sign on January 20 and will stay here until Feb 18th 2020. In this time period we also entered the Year of the Rat​, so Happy Chinese New Year! as well.

Aquarians are diverse and strange and so is this time of year. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of this Out-of-this-World sign and find some clues on how to maintain emotional balance as we traipse through the stars in this transit!

As mentioned in previous installments of this blog, each zodiac sign has a ruling planet. Aquarians are ruled by the planet ​Uranus​. For obvious reasons people have a hard time talking about this planet and few can mention it without giggling or pronouncing it in a way that avoids using the term ‘anus’. Maybe because I had to study Annals in grad school (which really sounded like anals to me) that I have no issue saying Your-Anus. Uranus…. a weird planet that sits sideways, compared to the rest of the planets. So be prepared for this time of year to feel unusual.

Each planet also has a ​ruling element​ (either Water, Earth, Fire or Air). There are three signs in each of the elements. Most folks erroneously assume that Aquarians are a water sign (like Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer). Water signs are emotional, particularly Cancer which is ruled by the Moon. But every day we are affected by the Moon, so we have to balance ourselves by using a keen understanding of the dynamic spheres in which we inhabit.

Aquarius...You and your Anus or Uranus... 2
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Aquarians are an Air sign (like Gemini and Libra). What does this mean and what does it mean for all of us emotionally as we walk through this strange unknown territory? Air signs are the least grounded signs of the zodiac. If you don’t know what I mean by grounded, chances are you NEED Yoga. Grounding is a feeling of security and trust that has the power to literally prevent anxiety.

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are the Earth signs and they tend to be stable and consistent over time. But Air signs are creative and fast and inconsistent. They live in their minds, their thoughts or the etheric connections that are unseen (like the breath in Yoga). Aquarians are the purported inventors of Astrology. Innovation and Alchemy is their domain. Opportunity and timelessness are where they dwell. To put it simply, they are complex..

They are intelligent and unique, moving to the beat of a different drum that only they can hear. They are sensitive in a way that allows them to understand where they belong and where they don’t belong. So it is important during this time of the year (where we all feel the influence of Aquarius) to take a look at where YOU belong and of course.. where you don’t belong.

Aquarius...You and your Anus or Uranus... 3
The Unique YOu

Sometimes it’s easier to know where we don’t belong than where we actually fit in. Most Aquarians know this feeling intimately. They’re not necessarily fond of groups yet they tend to enjoy a crowd. Many times in life we work very hard to get somewhere only to find out that once we have arrived there, we don’t actually belong. It’s a sad feeling. Rather alienating if one feels isolated instead of allowing it to be a tool for navigation.

You can use this time of year to reset your bearings and calibrate your compass. Where do you want to go in life and are you on track? We already experienced the pressure of the Goat of Capricorn breathing down our necks and now it’s that time of the year where we make sure that we’re on a course of right action (for ourselves).

The easiest way to do this is by checking in with your feelings. However, one must slow down to actually get in touch with their feelings. This is one of the ways that stress can rob us of our lives and vitality. People lose themselves in ​stress​ cycles and wonder how life has passed them by. It’s important to check in with your inner guide and feel out whether you’re spending the majority of your life time and energy with the right “crowd”

Aquarians have an innate sense of “the ​vibe​”. So if the situation doesn’t suit them long term, they will eventually find somewhere else to go. They may find themselves alone and at the end of the day, they’re usually alright with that feeling. They would rather be alone with themselves than the loneliness that can coexist when you’re surrounded by people.

Ah, but what exactly is “the vibe”? We’re not always sure what it is, but we usually know when we’re feeling it or when we’re not. This binary recipe is a guidepost for you to recognize and utilize the energy of Aquarius. Spend ​quality time with yourself​ and notice who you resonate with and who, what or where makes you feel dischord.

Aquarius...You and your Anus or Uranus... 4
Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

These concepts are beyond the mind, beyond listening, beyond anything that makes sense to the rational observer. It’s a deep listening to your higher self. Or maybe to your lower self. To your anus. Uranus. Until next time… Shelly Yoga

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