January 17 , 2020 / 6 minutes, 58 seconds

The Capricorn cometh!

Author: Annette K. Scott

Welcome to 2020! Are you ready for whatever comes next? Have you made any decisions about your commitments in life? Your career? Your legacy? Are you the manager of your life or are you an unwilling pawn in someone else’s scheme?

The Capricorn cometh! 1

We are currently in the Sun sign of ​Capricorn​ which is symbolized by a pugnacious goat. It is a sign that is ​serious​. Not to say that there aren’t times of merriment (Christmas) and goodwill (New Year’s celebrations), but when it comes to actually getting something done – from making the decisions to seeing ideas come through to completion (and there’s always the​ next​ project!), this is the realm of Capricorn.

Capricorn’s ​ruling planet​ is ​Saturn​ (which has 53 known moons!). It’s considered a Colossal planet and gaseous giant… it’s a big deal in our universe. Most people are familiar with its rings but they don’t understand the archetypal affiliations with this formidable heavenly object in the sky.

Back in the days of Anglo-Saxon yore…. Saturn’s time to shine in the dark skies wasn’t even observed in our calendar. The year ended in December and there was a void for January and February. Then the year started again in March (with the ​vernal equinox​). It was so dark and so cold that most folks just stayed inside the safe dark warmth of the hearth.

The Capricorn cometh! 2
It’s dark and cold AND beautiful!

But the ancient Romans would honor the planet deity Saturn by partying (a ​bacchanal​) and practicing ​Saturnalia​ where everyone had drunken wine orgies (which is where we get the term Saturday – and we still party that night!). Saturn is considered the ruler of time and is the Father of the Zodiac, putting pressure on us to perform and to earn money.

This influence of this sign may be causing you to examine your body and make you feel like you need to get back into shape, to return to that yoga class, to fit into clothes that have become too tight in the last three months (or the last decade hah!). Hey…don’t stress…stress kills…and you won’t get healthier by putting pressure on yourself. You’ll start producing ​cortisol​ and instead of losing weight, you’ll be stressing about not losing it… it’s a ​vicious cycle​.

So how do you manage this extreme pressure from inside of yourself and from the universe itself during this transit of Capricorn? How do you perform at a high level and at the same time feel like you’re the Captain of your own ship? By taking responsibility… yes, it’s a boring concept involving the key principles of discipline and forethought.

There is no recipe that you follow for this. One has to come to it…. One must slow down…be with​ time…meditate…breathe…chant…do yoga that allows you to bask in the feelings of receptivity, of abundance, of creativity and of an infinite sense of time and space within oneself.

The Capricorn cometh! 3

It’s a complex notion that involves listening to your heart, taking care of your body with proper hydration (H​2O​ ), diet and nutrition. Surrounding yourself with positive people and animal friends who support you, rather than thwart & sabotage you. People who help you to make your goals & aspirations a reality. Being part of a community that ​buoys​ you.

In order to be a balanced individual who takes responsibility, you ​need​ an appropriate ​sleep schedule​ and of course exercise (but this could be walking for 20 minutes a day, so it’s a matter of making it part of your routine). Perhaps you would benefit from a mobile app on your phone that keeps track of your walking streak?

So now that you know there is a ​goat​ riding your back, take a good look at it and ask the goat some questions. Where am I going and why? Capricorn’s are wise and have a sense of humor…they’re funny, sexy and full of mystery… few people ask their hindsight to be their foresight.. but Capricorn’s have their sights set to the next challenge, the next highest vista….

The Capricorn cometh! 4

They have a sense of timing and space that is untouchable to those who run from time or are afraid of it running out.. those fearful people who feel like time is nipping at their heels rather than it being the wind behind your sails… Capricorn’s can see from an oblique perspective..having climbed to unimaginable heights… to be able to look down and see the whole pie from the sky…

You can do this during Capricorn..take a 360° multi-dimensional look at your life… it’s worth it to actually see where you are and where you can go if you open your heart, your mind and your spirit to what possibilities lay ahead for you..

The Capricorn cometh! 5

I hope you’ll take a ride on your inner goat and enjoy the adventure.. .2020 here we are!!! Until next month… Shelly Yoga

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