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What’s your Moon Sign, Baby? by Shelly Yoga

Author: Annette K. Scott

Hey there, what’s your moon sign baby? What, you didn’t even know you had a moon sign? What does it mean? More importantly, what does it mean about you today? Would you like to know more about this emotional side of yourself?

Welcome to the first monthly installment of Kodawari’s Yoga Astrology newsletter. I hope you’re reading this out of a desire to understand how astrology can be used as an insightful tool for self discovery. It’s a massive subject. 

Each month I’ll be discussing the full and the new moons and highlight how the moon can affect our current emotional state. The moon is only one very small part of astrology. It’s very similar to our world. We all play a small part but somehow everything moves and changes over time around us and within it. It’s a cosmic dance. 

What's your Moon Sign, Baby? by Shelly Yoga 1

The moon is our closest astrological object and it could be compared to the hands of your watch. From our perspective when looking up at the sky, the moon is the fastest moving object in our solar system. The moon is visible for 12 hours except on new moon. This is because the Earth rotates on its axis 360° in a 24 hour period and on new moon, the sun and moon rise and set at the exact same time so it’s not visible from our planet (except during eclipses).

Intrigued to learn more? Whether you want to admit it or not, you are affected by the moon just as surely as the tides ebb and flow in accordance with the moon’s waxing and waning. The moon goes through all 12 signs of the zodiac as it orbits the Earth in its 28 day(ish) cycle. 

What's your Moon Sign, Baby? by Shelly Yoga 2

Maybe you never noticed the moon? Even as you’re reading this, I ask you to remember the last time you laid your eyes on the moon. It does matter. Your psyche needs that vitamin M (moonlight) as much as it needs vitamin D (daylight). 

Perhaps you feel I’m overstating astrology’s potential to become a native instrument of change in your life, but please…indulge me…have a seat on your squatty potty, saddle up, forget everything anyone has ever told you before about horror-scopes, take a deep breath…and hear me out.

Once upon a dark ancient time, (that we all came from unless you believe in aliens which is another subject)…the skies could not only hold our attention longer than a picture of a branded-label-endorsed-#influencer-in-a-yoga-pose-post-on-instagram – the night time skies could humble us. 

What's your Moon Sign, Baby? by Shelly Yoga 3

 A 3-D Star Trek experience we cannot begin to fathom with our light polluted skies and jaded crusty 3rd eyes that think they’ve seen everything….

Back then, the brightly shining stars and planets had the power to remind us that we are but a speck of dust in the cosmic crust. We are small….here for such a blink of an eye…and at the mercy of our precious rare home, planet Earth

The Universe was here before us and will most certainly continue long after us, and yet here we are. Where? Who? When? Here we are able to ponder the nature of our own existence, and yet..does anyone really know how to be the captain of their own ship?

What's your Moon Sign, Baby? by Shelly Yoga 4

What kind of signs, totems, bearings, moorings, compass…sextant…what maps, what guideposts, what light houses, what touch-stones…? These questions left unanswered often lead to a squadron of lost souls. Rats on a comfortable but definitely sinking ship. 

Those who leave gaping blanks in their spiritual philosophies can attract energies that seemingly have answers. Perhaps you are like me…you’d rather do your own research to find out what’s right for you. Rest assured that I’m not suggesting I have the answers for you or know what way to bring meaning into your life. I can only tell you what has worked for me, why I do what I do, and hopefully you can use this information to support you in your endeavors to explore your own path. 

What's your Moon Sign, Baby? by Shelly Yoga 5

What helps us find a sense of purpose and meaning? I believe the routine practice of yoga poses helps people learn about their bodies and synthesize the cyclical and periodic shifts we all go through over time. Yoga can be that asana, that “seat” that we all settle into to find ourselves. But once we open our meditative contemplative third eye, the harsh real world looks different than our sweet salve of yoga and the buffer it creates around us. 

What helps you feel grounded or gives your life a contextual framework to help you ride through the times when you lack faith in yourself, in the world, in your community?

While most have turned their gaze towards social media, I prefer to delve into the secrets in plain sight. I’m often asked which book I read to understand astrology and I have to admit that much like yoga, what has been written is not as interesting to me as what has yet to be revealed. 

Our ancestors were able to gaze at the night skies and see a world that we can’t even imagine. Try to imagine the world without electricity. A dark northern bitter winter cold night where the stars were the brightest pieces of the universe that you could see. The stars told stories to people. You wouldn’t be reading these words right now without your ancestors having had an understanding of our known (and formerly observable) universe. 

Nowadays everyone is busy with anything and everything except the stars. The word star now means Hollywood.  Sirius isn’t the beloved Dog Star anymore, it’s a streaming music satellite radio system in our cars. 

What's your Moon Sign, Baby? by Shelly Yoga 6
This brilliant blog brought to you by the most extraordinary Shelly Yoga!

We don’t know where we came from. We don’t know why we’re here. As you read my words, I want you to consider this an invitation to learn more about yourself.  Astrology is a system that can help you understand why you’re here, what’s your purpose in life, how you can discover more about yourself by looking inward and finding what makes your heart sing. Talking about the moon is a start. I hope you’ll join me…after all. you made it this far…till next month…. Shelly Yoga

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