September 12 , 2019 / 4 minutes, 19 seconds

Celebrate the Equinox – Knock Some Sh*t Loose

Author: Annette K. Scott

Remover of Obstacles
Remove some obstacles to your higher path

I know that clutter is a natural part of life and that chaos is also an intrinsic aspect of the creative process that this life is…And yet if we want magic and meaning to happen at all – much less for it to be the constant thread in our lives – then pausing to clear a space for rituals that take us to a place within where we harness and align with the forces of the natural world is a must. 

For millennia, the four seasonal turning points have been this type of time and it has played an important role in our humanity.

Moving into the inner realm

On this autumnal day, there are almost equal hours of daylight and darkness. On a personal level, we can think of it as the time when we begin to harvest the seeds we sowed in the spring and nurtured during the summer.

Here in Florida we don’t quite experience the shift in the seasons that you might find in other parts of the country. People who live here year round often make the joke that there are really only 3 seasons here – hot, hotter and hottest. Which is one of the reasons that it even more important to take part in a celebration of this Fall’s Equinox with me at my home. Making time to clear a bit of space and time for this purposeful pause and insure that there is less that stands between us and the cosmic consciousness that exists within us is important for our psyche, even if the weather doesn’t signal the shift. You can consider this gather as a cleaning of the windows of your soul’s home…

To say that this is a “ceremony” know that we will do some standard things in a mindful way…There will be

  • an all-levels yoga practice – meditation in movement
  • journaling
  • salt/sugar scrub
  • a super sweaty sauna session
  • cold plunge
  • soul settling yoga nidra
  • apple eating
  • drinks and nibbles
  • bonfire in the deepening dark
Celebrate the Equinox - Knock Some Sh*t Loose 1
The glory of the fall season

This fall equinox, like all major turnings of the seasons, is a time to do some emotional organizing, to declutter our psychological systems, and to clear a path for solutions and unexpected opportunities to find their way to us. 

In order to receive the abundance of the cosmos and all its blessings, we need to push pause and evaluate. And yet, I know (because I am one of the us) for many of us we feel that slowing down is a “waste of time”that comes at a cost of getting things done…And yet the great irony is that this time away from all our regular doing is an actual investment in soulful efficiency.

Take some time with me so that we can evaluate whether we are running toward our chosen goal or whether we are simply running…this pause will give us the chance to make course corrections, to reprioritize and take the risk of letting go of what might have worked for us before, but will no longer help us go the distance. 

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