March 12 , 2019 / 5 minutes, 30 seconds

Meet the Mighty Michelle Ruiz!

Author: Annette K. Scott

Meet the Mighty Michelle Ruiz! 1Meet Michelle! She joins the Kodawari teaching Krewe today! She has a love for yoga and whether it’s an event close to home, a class or a yoga retreat far away, Michelle feels inspired to create opportunities for others to re-connect with themselves and others. In her words, “These experiences (of reconnection) are moments that change us and stay in or hearts forever. I hope to provide these opportunities to as many people as possible. Reach for the stars friends!”

Why I love to teach: Once you discover the power of yoga , you just want to share it with every one. It is such a beautiful thing to share personal experiences with others and see that they too, have been in the same boat. I love that in our busy lives, yoga class is the best part of the day for most people. To come to a place where we can all let go of the cares of the world for an hour together brings so much happiness and positive energy … I love being able to provide that space for others.

Why I have a passion for yoga: Like many people, I was curious about yoga because I wanted to be physically fit. I admit, I took a few classes and wasn’t in love…yet. Finally, I discovered hot yoga and was hooked. The pain from a serious back injury was finally gone and after many years of not feeling “myself” I began to feel on track in my personal life. Yoga began to teach me that once you work on yourself on the inside, everything on the outside falls into place.

Meet the Mighty Michelle Ruiz! 2

On the Goddess Network, Local Events & International Retreats : Many people ask how/why am I inspired to give back to the world in this way. Looking back on my life, each time I went through a heart break or rough time, taking a trip helped me to find myself again. I would come home with a fresh outlook on life and a new level of self-love. To me, travel is the ultimate form of yoga because it is all about living in the present moment: savoring every taste, sight and sound. Visiting a new place gives us a fresh outlook on how other people live, bringing cultural understanding which our world needs so much more of. It has been a dream come true to intertwine my love for yoga + travel over the past three years leading International Retreats to the Caribbean, Thailand and Dubai. Watching travelers come home with a fresh perspective on life is just magical beyond words.

It’s certainly true that you don’t have to fly to the other side of the globe to experience a major shift in your life. I remember sitting on my porch a few years ago, mimosa in hand, scrolling through FaceBook and witnessed so many amazing women promoting their businesses and incredible projects online. I sensed a little bit of competition and thought to myself, “If only these ladies knew each other! Big things could happen.” I knew we all needed to get off our phones and get in person to share our dreams and passions. This is how the Goddess Network was born. We host yoga & mimosa events at high end venues in Tampa. Complete with brunch, DJs, henna artists and entertainment – these events have not only created a one-of-a-kind party experience for ladies but have been the source of lots of new businesses forming, new friendships made and happy memories to be shared in our community. I also love hosting events where men can come too! It’s great to spend a few hours on a weekend letting loose in a party atmosphere while connecting with like-minded positive people.

Meet the Mighty Michelle Ruiz! 3

If you are interested in practicing with Michelle she’s teaching Hot and Heated Power on Tuesday and Fridays! Make it to the mat for a connection that you won’t forget!



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