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The Super Cheery Chelsey Quinones!

Author: Annette K. Scott

The Super Cheery Chelsey Quinones! 1

My name is Chelsey Quiñones, I am a twenty-seven-year-old from the sunshine state of FL. I recently moved back from Colorado Springs, Colorado where I was, among other things, a yoga instructor at CorePower Yoga. Since three years old, dancing has always been in my blood. And at 19, things came to a slight halt after having a stroke.

Yoga then shed its light on my path. Living in Colorado, I was caregiving for my mom and practicing my yoga…after seeing all the changes we’ve made through our mind, body, and soul, I pursued my path to becoming certified to teach and to be able to share this gift of light.

The Super Cheery Chelsey Quinones! 2

Yoga gives me life. It gives me reason. It gives me clarity. Yoga brings me back. Back to each blessed moment with being even more mindful with each detail of life- from my breathe, to my thoughts, to my movements.

Given that I believe that being in the studio with bare feet, is where I belong, I am eager and excited to join the dynamic Kodawari community. I completed my yoga trainings in Colorado with CorePower Yoga in both Vinyasa Flow and YogaSculpt.

My classes stimulate your mind to refocus on yourself, it is your YOU time. I’m kicking off my teaching at Kodawari  invigorates a full body workout while smiling ear-to-ear glistening with sweat!

The Super Cheery Chelsey Quinones! 3

My yoga mentor, Keith, once said, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” Get ready to feel changed by simply being in Chelsey’s company. Join her Thursday evenings for Yoga Sculpt and look for her name to pop up in other classes too! This is the kind of smile and light in the eyes that practicing with her will bring to your face….

The Super Cheery Chelsey Quinones! 4


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