July 3 , 2018 / 3 minutes, 10 seconds

What’s Trap Yoga?

Author: Annette K. Scott



Greetings fellow Yogi! If you’ve gotten this far – you’re probably itching to know – just what is Trap Yoga? Well we can tell you this much, you’re in the right place. We’re going to break down what makes Trap Yoga – Trap Yoga, nahmean.

In a nutshell, Trap Yoga is a vinyasa style class that’s uptempo and guided by the drums, kicks and snares of trap music. The class is taught by Meeyogi founder, Mya Cato, a certified yoga instructor who developed the Meeyogi Trap Yoga flow.

To give more background on the vinyasa style, the word vinyasa translates to “arranging something in a special way”. Per OneFlow Yoga, this [means] that we are not “throwing our bodies around” but are bringing consciousness to each movement in each moment. The Trap Yoga vinyasa style was developed to strengthen and stretch the lower back, thighs, glutes, calves, chest and core. We instruct yogis to focus on their breath and smoothness of their transitions as it feels comfortable to them.

However, to really understand Trap Yoga you have to start with your mindset. Trap Yoga is all about empowerment and building your core strength to boost your mood, energy and wellness. Before class and during class, we want Trap Yogis to tap into their innerG, affirm their greatness and come ready to have a good time. The energy you bring to the class and give to your fellow yogis is what keeps the class vibin’.

Trap Yoga is open to any fitness level and those over 18 years old. Our class is upbeat and conducted at a steady pace, so be prepared to sweat! Yoga, in general, is all about understanding and pushing your personal limits to grow stronger. So while the class may be a bit fast-paced we encourage you to do what feels comfortable.

The Trap Yoga playlist includes some current trap & hip hop hits along with classics we all love to shake to. And as mentioned before, our vinyasa flow is designed to follow the beat. We’ll ride waves, get low, release #innerG and twerk a little!

Trap Yoga is being offered this coming Friday, July 6th at Kodawari Studio.

You can also find other upcoming Trap Yoga dates at meeyogi.com/events.

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