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What Happens When You Float as a Practice? Bio-hacking at it’s Best!

Author: Annette K. Scott

What Happens When You Float as a Practice? Bio-hacking at it's Best! 1

There is so much conversation out in the health world about bio-hacking that it almost feels silly to ask the question, “What is it? and how do I do it?” Well, by all accounts there seems to be two predominant perspectives on biohacking. One is that biohacking is something you do to your biology, from outside of yourself – as in you’re going to change a cell; you’re going change a portion of your DNA and voila! now you can glow in the dark at will. These are the hacks that cause a lot of debate because you are inserting or tinkering with something that you can’t be sure what the long-term consequences might be.

The other perspective on biohacking is that you can hack into existing but latent biology to control of systems in your body that you may have never previously had access to. For instance, most of us rarely even attempt to control our breathing or brain wave state and yet both are completely within our scope of control – especially if you practice…and here’s where floating comes in as a major bio-hacker tool!

Accessing your nervous system and shifting from a state of tension – mentally, emotionally, physically – to a state of ease and steadiness can be done and it is as easy as floating. One way to think of floating is to compare your body to a smart phone or computer. If, like a phone, your body has all its apps open and running all the time your going to lose your power quickly and your processing speed will be really slow and inefficient. Floating is like closing all the apps so you can run at a higher speed, bringing all your power to your chosen ends…and that, my friends, is a powerful place to be.

What Happens When You Float as a Practice? Bio-hacking at it's Best! 2

Floating is akin to riding a bike, you just have to let go and trust, and learn to do it. You won’t be great at it the first time but each time you float you get better and better at it.  However, for a lot of people, floating is something they only try once or twice before they automatically throw into the “it just wasn’t for me” category and really give it a fair chance. Or they wait months and months in between float sessions so it’s hard to really feel the mental, physical, or spiritual benefits.

If you’re willing to get past the initial float jitters and can make the commitment to go weekly or monthly, not only will you see a huge change in your health but you will see a huge change in your every day life as well. Ironically, a great portion of the benefit of floating comes after you leave the tank – once you get your float habit established your life starts to change a little bit. You approach life from a calmer more relaxed place and therefore it makes your life a calmer and more relaxed place.

What Happens When You Float as a Practice? Bio-hacking at it's Best! 3

To keep you motivated as you start down this journey, here’s a list of some benefits that you’ll start to experience as you float at home or at your local center:

  1. You’re able to “let go” easier

We always preach that if you’re going to give floating a fair shot you have to try it at least three times. This is because for most people it usually takes the first couple of sessions to get past the initial frustration of bumping into the walls, fully relaxing your muscles, and truly quieting your mind. But by your 4th or 5th float, it’s usually much easier to hop in and immediately tune out. And this is when the magic really starts to happen!

  1. You discover your floating habit

Because we all float for different reasons it’s hard to say exactly when someone should float and how often. However, the more you float, the quicker you’ll discover what type of routine works best for you. Night floating vs morning floating. 60 minute sessions vs 90 minute sessions. Weekly vs Monthly.

  1. Meditation becomes easier and more powerful

Many people find meditation frustrating because they don’t know if they’re doing it right or they just have a hard time quieting their mind for a long period of time. But the nice thing about float tanks is that they create the perfect meditation environment and are designed to help induce deep meditative states. Therefore, floating not only complements your meditation practice but it enhances it too.

  1. Time doesn’t matter as much

Once you’ve floated a good handful of times and are comfortable with letting go right away, the actual time inside the tank becomes of less importance and each float session becomes more about going with what feels right.

  1. You become more in tune with your body and mind

Developing a regular floating routine is one of the best self-help practices you could incorporate into your life as it helps you become more in tune with your mind-body connection. From the second you lie down in the water, you can feel the areas where you hold the most tension or can recognize the thoughts that seem to be reoccurring the most so you can begin to work through them.

  1. You begin to see changes in your personal life too

When you practice operating from a calmer, less stressed state of mind, everything in your life also becomes calmer and less stressful. Your mood is better, relationships begin to improve and things that once got you worked up and upset now have no effect on you.

Clearly, we want you to float because we believe that as we help you to feel better, you will do better and then our world becomes better. So we have a 3 float special for $120 ($40 a float? Say what!!!) that you can purchase from us even if you have floated with us before. Please, for the love of peace, try it out. Call us today at 813.773.4017 to schedule your float. You can also click here to make that 3 float pack purchase! Thanks for reading…In peace and with gratitude, Annette

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