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Cleansing Food, Growing Rootz @ Kodawari and You!

Author: Annette K. Scott

By now, we hope you know in your heart of hearts that you are what you eat, drink, breathe, think and do…and with that in mind it only makes sense to avoid cheap, dirty or toxic food. At Kodawari, bringing you food that actually feeds and fuels you – the sort of stuff that helps you be calmer, clearer, stronger and leaner – is part of our overall mission.

Cleansing Food, Growing Rootz @ Kodawari and You! 1

And while our cafe provides us with the opportunity to make you food and drinks and grab-n-go items that meet this mission, we actually go one step further and have partnered with Carlen Garmon, fellow yogi and the owner of Growing Rootz, to connect you to local food growers and local farmers so that you can have fresh, “clean” groceries to take into your own home.


Given that she is rolling out a summer cleanse based on whole food nutrition that we want to share with you, we connected with her to talk about what and how she does what she does to bring you the freshest food possible. Here’s what Carlen had to say about her company and its mission, “Ever since I founded Growing Rootz a couple years ago, my mission has always been to support our local farmers first and foremost by bringing raw, healthy, organic foods to our community from our community.”

Carlen and Kodawari want to see our community take back the right to reach for food that feeds them. Growing Rootz is at Kodawari every other Wednesday from 10:30am to noon so that you can see and talk to her, pick up food that you might want and learn more about our local food options, “If you are not currently doing so, please consider joining me and my partner farms in taking back control of our local food system as a fellow locavore supporter. As always, everything offered is grown organically and hydroponically by sustainable farms!”

She has a number of ways to empower you in your health:

  1. Growing Rootz is going MOBILE!! We are now offering home delivery for increased convenience and more effective service! Please check out the new FAQ page (www.growingrootz.net) for more info – it’s SIMPLE and easier for YOU! (Serviced zip codes detailed under FAQ section on site)
  2. Grocery SUBSCRIPTIONS are now available for greater ease of ordering!! Check out the Grocery Bundles section, make the selection that’s best for your family and it will auto-order for you every other week so you don’t have to keep track! And don’t worry, you will still receive your reminder email each week so you don’t forget! 

The other thing that she’s doing to empower you in getting healthy and staying healthy is her offering a whole food based SUMMER CLEANSE. She’s excited by the cleanse because, as she says, “There’s no need for fancy pills or powders, you know real food does the trick around here!! ;)!”


She understands that there are a lot of “cleanses” out there and yet, the information about how to effectively and safely cleanse the body is limited. So here’s what she had to offer about the cleanse she’s offering…”If you’re interested in doing a cleanse but don’t know the why or the how you should start with knowing that everyday our bodies are bombarded by toxins – in our foods, our environment, cleaners, soaps, and home & body products. And while the liver helps rid our body from some of these toxins that flow through our systems but toxicity takes place on the cellular level as well and because we’re being bombarded with toxins every day you can imagine how challenging it is for our bodies to keep up 100% of the time.

Especially if our diet does not include an ideal amount of fresh fruits and vegetables on the regular, the body is not able to constantly detoxify itself adequately. Additionally, try as we may to keep our diet and nutrition clean and whole foods based, sometimes we work ourselves into ruts that are hard to get out of. Doing a cleanse is advantageous to help “re-train” your tastebuds back to real, raw, wholesome foods again and get rid of unhealthy cravings created by regularly ingesting artificial flavors and substances that create pleasurable neurological responses that our brains hate to get rid of involuntarily.”

According to Carlen, a cleanse is a great way to get back on track, “If your diet tends to go through slumps throughout the year, participating in a whole-food detox program every 3 or 4 months will adequately support your body’s nutritional needs while promoting cellular renewal & revitalization to keep your body & organs working optimally from the INSIDE out. Many types of diseases and health concerns are rooted in what is happening on the cellular level inside the body and an intentional detox can, at times, help “re-set” our body’s biological makeup. Other advantages to utilizing a whole food cleanse are: eliminating horrible belly bloat, regaining energy, promoting good sleep, balancing the pH in your gut, getting rid of sugar cravings, supporting your immune system, firing up your metabolism, and strengthening your skin, hair, nails, and eyes PLUS getting rid of 5-10+ pounds of toxins.”

Cleansing Food, Growing Rootz @ Kodawari and You! 2

And while there are a ton of benefits to cleanses, Carlen suggests that cleanses, “are best utilized as a regimen to promote healing and rebalance in the body as opposed to just another weight loss attempt. Being healthy is SO much more that fitting into those skinny jeans so be prepared to find a much deeper level of health pertaining to MIND, BODY & SOUL through our time together. The cleanse that I specifically will be facilitating for my participants focuses on pinpointing food sensitivities and allergens, identifying and addressing undesirable eating habits, eating seasonally, and learning how to adequately fuel your body on fresh, whole foods- while also providing you with LIVE SUPPORT and coaching through the process!”

The exciting thing about Carlen’s cleanse is that, just like her work with the local farmers she brings everything that you need to you…”It’s all right at your fingertips!! Everything is virtual, so you can access your materials, the forum, and my coaching right away, and do this from anywhere in the world at your convenience. Nothing is more convenient for Summer than that!”

If you are interested, here’s what the cleanse includes:

  • Getting Started Basics and Checklist
  • 3 weeks of email support to keep you motivated and on track, including detox tips, exercises, and additional resources 
  • Printable Food Diary to use throughout your program 
  • Access to a private Facebook group for participants so you can support one another, share what’s working, and ask questions
  • Over 30 pages of delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks + bonus templates to help you plan your menus and shopping trips with more ease
  • An invitation to participate in a one hour conference call, mid-way through the program so you can ask me your questions and share your experience with other participants in a mediated, live, and confidential setting


  • Access to weekly, organic cleanse-specific produce shares* 
  • Access to cleanse-specific, sustainable, discounted pantry items with $5 off your first order
  • Tools, meal plans & discounted food prep bundles for reintegration so you can build on your new, healthy foundation after the cleanse and continue to feel like the most vibrant version of yourself
  • *local participants only

    PLUS a FREE Age-Defying detox guide.

You can connect with Carlen with any questions about her work, her connections with the local farms and farmers at Growing Rootz. Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you at the studio soon!




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