April 25 , 2017 / 1 minute, 48 seconds


Author: Annette K. Scott


When Jessica steps into the room I’m not sure if she’s 20 or 90 years old. She looks so young but has the soul of a wise old sage, I dig it!!! She so cool and groovy and she used a word during her class that describes her perfectly, flavor. She’s got flavor, just the right amount and her class does too.

I took her non heated Vinyasa flow on a Saturday at noon. Highly recommend for anyone who loves flow and doesn’t want to get over heated. There’s nothing like a solid flow class in an old fashioned non heated room to make your day uber special. Exactly the type of class you want to end your week with. Exactly the type of person leading the way. There’s no fuss, no muss with Jessica. She doesn’t do a lot of adjustments, just lets you do your thing. Yet, gauges the room really carefully. She knows how your feeling even before you know how you’re feeling.

I didn’t joke about the sage thing, if she asked me to follow her I would.

Jessica’s offerings are every Wednesday “Heated Power Flow” at 6 pm & Saturdays “Vinyasa 2/3” at noon

Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Acupuncture Physician www.facebook.com/kristencarla

Kodawari Studios 3965 S. Henderson Blvd., Suite C, Tampa, Fl 33629

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