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Author: Annette K. Scott


Hi, I’m Ngoc (pronounced “knock”) I am from Tampa, Florida. My yoga journey started when I was in my sophomore year of college; going to 1-2 classes a week. It wasn’t until my first year of teaching Kindergarten that I turned to yoga for stress relief and strength building. It was then that my addiction to yoga began.   INSTRUCTOR SPOTLIGHT-NGOC CAN 2

I enjoy many forms of yoga; my favorite being vinyasa flow. Since doing yoga diligently for over a year now, I have learned that creating a balanced practice is very important. I decided to get a certification in teaching yoga to strengthen my own practice as well as guiding others in their own. I can’t wait to meet you on the mat! Namaste!

Ngoc is one of our regular subs, check our schedule weekly to find out when she’s teaching

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