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Author: Annette K. Scott

I’ll start off by saying that this blogger is not a fan of the 26 & 2 or Bikram style yoga.  I’m like a child who needs different toys every day, quite pathetic.  However, having Suzanne Aronoff leading the class is like stepping into a child’s cage when you’re walking for the first time; you know you might fall but you’re well taken care of.

26 & 2 is the Bikram style of yoga. Traditionally the practice consists of 26 postures which are repeated twice and lasts 90 minutes. At Kodawari we have a 60 min, 75 min and 90 min. The focus of this style is on spine health. Each posture builds on the one before so that once we begin the floor practice, the spine is properly warmed up. The heat is maintained (ideally) at 105 degrees and 40% humidity. The practice focuses not only on the muscles and bones, but on the respiration, digestion, cardiovascular system and endocrine system. Because we sweat so much in this style of yoga, we can eliminate more toxins and promote healthy blood and oxygen flow.

Suzanne manages to make an otherwise monotonous class meditative and concurrently strenuous.  She pushes when she needs to and is also patient.  Her massage therapy license bodes well for students also as her adjustments are spot on.  She stretches without pushing and knows exactly where to place hands; there’s no ripping of the skin or guessing with her.

If you’re a type A personality with a high stress job you’ll naturally love the 26 & 2 series.  The structure of the class and familiarity will appeal to you.   If your life moves at a slower pace, Suzanne’s class in particular will appeal to you as it combines the militancy of the series with a gentle and unexpected touch.  You will leave feeling accomplished, invigorated, and sweaty.

Suzanne’s “Hot 26 & 2” offering is every Saturday at 3 p.m.

Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Acupuncture Physician www.facebook.com/kristencarla

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