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Author: Annette K. Scott


With the wave of reality tv 10 plus years ago, there seems to be more of a fascination and desire to “be famous” than ever before.  Yet, the avenue of which to get to the destination isn’t always well thought out or filled with a plethora of legitimate reasons.   

Even if you don’t watch reality tv or television at all, it’s impossible to come across conversations without knowledge of it.  The Kardashians being one of the more famous reality tv show families around.  This all began with Kris Jenner marrying an attorney Robert Kardashian and having kids with him.  A young Kris left high school and became a flight attendant, no education or money behind her, and met a man who had a solid education and career ahead of him.  They divorced 13 years into the marriage after having four children and Kris married who was then known as Bruce Jenner one month later.  Still no education or career behind her she bore two children with Bruce and as the children began to mature she put them in the spotlight.  Kim Kardashian first gained attention as Paris Hiltons best friend and from the sex tape that was leaked of she and her boyfriend.  She and the entire family went on to star in their reality show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians, in 2007.  They opened their personal lives to the world, exposing themselves.  They made becoming famous for doing virtually nothing an art, they weren’t making yoga beads.  Kim began making many public appearances, modeled, and developed some clothing and products.  The rest of the family followed suit making public appearances and attempting to use the fame as a launching pad.  They also were at the forefront of using social media as a tool for connection and promotion with fans.  Oftentimes they’re criticized for being “stupid” but make no mistake about the fact that the machine behind their business is far from dumb; although it may be tinged with fame seeking. 

All of this was during the onset of reality shows and competitions growing.  You could find some fame and glory for almost anything on television such as becoming pregnant as a teenager and competitions were at an all-time high.  You could compete to win the honor of best eater, singer, child beauty contestant, model, or simply for allowing your life to be exposed.  All supposedly leading to fame and fortune.  Television as we knew it still held some of the same tenets as talented actors and actresses were plodding away.  Famous ones often have harrowing stories about their rise to fame and/or the stage of fame.  Many haunting stories of child actors being exploited and being raped or molested on set.  A most recent one including everyone’s father figure Bill Cosby, shocked the nation.  As he continued to deny allegations, more arose. 

Concurrently during this time, social media hit an all-time high giving people a sense of importance in the world.  Seemingly untalented people had a far reach and the potential to be noticed for doing virtually nothing grew.  The saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” could be what fuels them as some of the same people who are vying for social media attention are plucked up for instant 5-minute stardom.  They are quickly hit with all the makings of fame; pressure to maintain an image, the lack of control over their image and privacy, the feeling of being used by fans and friends, and the pressure to maintain longevity in their “career”.  They are shocked at just how stressful it is, how little privacy they have, and how they’re suddenly surrounded by people who want to be next to their fame. 

Becoming famous for a genuine talent that you, your family, your friends can be proud of has existed for years.  If you have a talent or passion and this is your calling it’s most certainly something to put forth energy towards.  There are many hardships and tradeoffs for fame.  Yet, do you really want the legacy that you leave this world with being famous for a sex tape?  There are so many ways to grow and blossom in this life, so many ways to offer your talents to the world.  Get quiet with yourself, turn off the tv, turn off the noise from your friends and family, and connecting to your unique gifts will flow.

Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Acupuncture Physician

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