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Man on the Mat Spotlight: Roman Gressel

Author: Annette K. Scott

Roman Gressel, has been practicing yoga for the past 4 years. At 33 and as a physical therapist he knows that, as far as our bodies go, it’s a move it or lose it proposition. And so, he walks his talk and moves his body regularly in a variety of ways.


Roman finds that yoga helps with all of them, “I run, bike, do circuit training and weight lift…Yoga is a humbling and healthy practice. It pushes me mentally, physically and emotionally in ways I’ve never experienced before. It allows me to better understand how my body can and can not move. It shows me weaknesses and strengths I didn’t know existed.”

Roman is also aware of how his yoga practice affords him a more optimal mental and emotional state, “I find myself being able to deal with life’s challenges with greater peace and patience. Breathing through difficult postures has directly transitioned into stress management in the work environment, allowing me to better control myself and position myself for greater opportunities…I’ve experienced improved mental clarity/focus, overall health, improved vitality, better energy levels. It also calms me down and allows me to regain a sense of peace with myself.”

And all that comes with just a couple of practices a week.

Having practiced a number of different styles of yoga, Roman finds the 26&2 practice to be the most impactful for him, “I’ve done power, flow, 50/50 and 26&2 classes…I love 26&2. I use it mostly to increase flexibility, which helps me in other classes, specifically with binding postures. It also allows me to release a lot of stress energy.  Honestly, 26&2 occasionally borders on a cathartic experience for me.

Happily for us, he also loves practicing at Kodawari, “Kodawari has a lot to offer the community. I really enjoy walking into a clean bathroom and showers, the float room is also very conveniently designed for showering. I think one aspect of yoga that I’ve never considered before is flooring. The padded floors are great because I feel comfortable pushing myself on and off the mat, plus I appreciate the balance challenge it provides. I think the staff are great and the instructors are highly trained and easy to approach.”

Roman also loves the range of offerings at the studio, “The cafe is one of my favorite aspects of the studio. I love the shakes, treats and ginger/wheatgrass shots. Lastly, the fact that I can get a full body Thai Massage from a therapist who truly knows her craft is extremely valuable to me. It has taken me a long time to find a studio I truly feel comfortable in and so I’ve made Kodawari my studio of choice!”

Don’t wait. Make a date with your mat today! According to the Kodawari men, yoga is good for you – mind, body and soul!


Man on the Mat Spotlight: Roman Gressel 1



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