She’s an attorney who does death penalty appeals and the co-founder/co-director of TeachPeace Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to broadening access to yoga to individuals with limited finances or other restrictive circumstances. I’m going to go out on a limb here in saying she’s intense. Yet I could literally hear this girl smiling while she’s […]

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Man on the Mat Spotlight: Travis Veitch

Travis R. Veitch’s yoga journey actually began long before he even took his first formal yoga class. In 2012 Travis realized that his life and his health weren’t headed in the direction of vitality, peace and steadiness – and after seeing himself in the picture below, he decided that he needed to course correct and […]

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  As a professor of psychology at the University of South Florida, Jamie researches big existential questions, and in particular she explores ambivalence that surrounds the human body. These same themes are the focus of Jamie’s artwork. Women’s bodies, especially, are the subject of many of Jamie’s paintings. With her painting, as with her research, […]

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