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Author: Annette K. Scott

I BECAME A FLOATER:  DON'T DO WHAT I DID 1As the buzz around Kodawari’s Float Pod has increased due to the recent Channel 10 news piece covering it, yours truly decided to finally dive in.  A caveat to this entire piece is that I dislike the water, I know.  It’s not like I don’t drink water or take showers but I avoid splashing around in it if I can.  The irony is that I live in Tampa, Florida therefore we have an abundance of water activities at world famous beaches such as diving, jet skiing, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, boating/yachting; I hate them all.  However, I pledge allegiance to the Kodawari Krewe and I vowed to get in that tank!!!  Needless to say, not all went well; I’m here to give you my story and tell you “don’t do what I did.”   

I only read the float therapy instructions on the website 1 hour prior which I should have done earlier than that as some are time sensitive.  This was partly due to the fact that the pod has been booked so I jumped in when I could and that was within 24 hours.  I was lucky to have been in accordance with all the rules but was nervous as hell!!  I arrived 20 minutes early as instructed and filled out my paperwork, it didn’t say anything about dying.  Katie walked me back to the float room, showed me everything, and gave me some pertinent directions which I forgot within seconds as I stared into the deep abyss of the pod; I believe there was 3 inches of water.  I read about and decided on which healing adjunctive light I wanted during my float so I was sure about that, everything else was a mystery.  She turned on the shower for me where there was soap and shampoo and instructed me to wash off before and after.  I thought “why shampoo my hair is just going to be wet?”, not even close there’s a LOT of salt in it!!  Katie said if I wanted the full experience I should close the pod completely so I did . . . not a good idea for someone who doesn’t like water.  It was me, my thoughts, and the water.  I’m not gonna say I cried like a baby in the float pod but I may have, there’s no proof though.  I had to open the lid within 15 minutes as I felt like it was too much for me and made a deadly mistake, rubbed my eye.  Katie said “don’t touch your eyes” and of course I did!!  So, as I lay back down my left eye is burning and I looked longingly at the small hand towel which was across the room.  I finally started to settle in at about what I think was 30 minutes into it; I’m not sure because I forgot the turn my sand timer over.  I finally opened my eyes and wanted to look at the red color I used.  I intentionally turned to red as I’ve been feeling a bit of post-holiday fatigue and it said red was invigorating.  At this point as I was floating nude as instructed I wondered if the salt was going to be lodged in my lady bits?   

I finally relaxed again and turned to no mind and was able to meditate.  No doubt you must get into the shower after and you’ll want to wash your hair as well.  I also wouldn’t recommend going anywhere after.  Your hair is soaked and your body has just been through something intense.  I was very thirsty and hungry after and of course forgot my water.  They say you get better as you float more but I’m going to help you with some tips: 

1.     Be sure to eat prior and bring water with you

2.     Either bring 2 hair ties or let your hair float-the tie gets salty

3.     Shove those earplugs in well-I gingerly put mine in and they fell out

4.     Don’t make plans for afterwards 

5.    If you suffer from claustrophobia, anxiety or are feeling the least bit wiggly when going for your first float, leave the pod door open

Here’s what I have to say about it overall, my skin is softer than it’s ever been, all of my aches and pains disappeared for about 1 week, I’m calmly energized, and feel clearer and more focused than I’ve been in years.  I would highly recommend this as the benefits are profound and especially for anyone who has an event, or is in entertainment for a living.  First, for the purposes of calming and clarity but also for aesthetic reasons.  Your body tightens, your skin softens, and your cellulite disappears.  Remember when I used to model for a living?  Well the agencies in Europe in the summer actually instruct the models to jump in the ocean for 15 minutes a day.  Well we brought the ocean to you right here in South Tampa!!

Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Acupuncture Physician www.facebook.com/kristencarla

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