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Author: Annette K. Scott


If you’ve been unsure how to make the most of today catch phrases in order to seem as young and cool as possible we are here to help.  There are so many and discerning which ones have the coolest factor can be confusing.  There are also always new ones on the horizon so you may have to spend more time on your social media to keep up; keeping up with the Jones’s is imperative.  We have put together a few for you to learn and can use immediately at any social event.  These are the biggest and best we in South Tampa, Florida have to offer!!   Your welcome . . . 

1.    “Bro/bruh”-If you’re a male over 30 and you’re not using this you’re missing your chance at being mistaken for a teenager.  Not only that but if you use this everyone will immediately think you’re a high school dropout and that’s the name of the game in life.  You don’t wanna go through life with people thinking you’re a mature adult, that’s not cool.  And who determines cool?  Well people with either a lot of fame and money or teenagers who follow the people with a lot of fame and money.  Either way you’re instantly a teens friend in this and with so much to talk about this opens the door.  Also, don’t overlook this if you’re a female, it screams class.

2.    “HMU” =Hit Me Up-If you would like to speak with someone about a business dealing or even a social engagement say this!!!  Doing business with someone who also says this means you are both in the cool crowd and what you do requires no amount of dedications or brains.  Saying this to someone who you’re meeting up for a social interaction tells the other person you are the one to hang out with and can take anywhere proudly.

3.    “Squad” =You want to not only have friends but make sure other people know you have friends so then you have more friends; being alone is bad.  Squad refers to the group of people that are in your inner circle, the select few.  Not everyone is so privileged to be a part of this but the 369 or so that are get this special title.  Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures with them and post it; then everyone wants to be a part of your squad.

4.    “Preach”-This sassy religious/non-religious word has been resurrected from the olden boring days to the new days.  Preach doesn’t refer to a priest addressing his parish, that’s too obvious.  You say this when you agree with what someone says, strongly.  An example would be a friend posting “I love to drink until I vomit”, then you respond with “preach”.  This means you also love to drink until you vomit and now you’re instantly friends, without even meeting each other!!! 

5.    “Ride or Die”-Don’t worry you won’t die while using this phrase but it’s a strong one and a deal maker.  Ride or Die refers to the people lucky enough to be in your inner circle that have gone through some shit with you and been there for you.  The type of shit of course is only cool shit; it’s doesn’t mean they were there for you during chemotherapy; that’s stupid.  It means you got really drunk together and your bff (that’s an old one keep up) not only held your hair while you vomited but drove your car back to your place and made sure you got inside.  She may leave you next time if her man shows up but this time she was a true ride or die, you love her for the next 4 ½ minutes, and want the world to know!!!

6.    “Lit”- If you are lucky enough to have a bff and a ride or die you will probably be out on an evening that is lit!!!  What happens during this fun filled night?  Everything that you can imagine from 11pm-3am and what do you want to do with your night?  Let the world know just how crazy you got!!  Not the kind of crazy where you win a Pulitzer prize, the kind where you drank and fell down, so lit!!! 

Let’s hope this helps you move from your really really really ridiculously lame life into a life where only the people with fleeting moments of authentic interaction and fleeting jobs want to hang out with you.

Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Model Scout/Acupuncture Physician

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