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Author: Annette K. Scott

In 2014, Simple Living was founded by a passionate yogi, Ellie Teng, in Tampa, Florida. Ellie started practicing yoga after experiencing the pounding effects on her joints from 10 years as a marathon runner.

Ellie instantly fell in love with the challenge of practicing yoga as well as the energy and friendliness shared with her fellow yogis.  



When Ellie was introduced to selling on Amazon, she immediately realized that she would be able to share her passion for yoga with others by providing yoga props and related fitness and wellness products.  Simple Living’s first yoga prop brought to market was the yoga strap.   

In no time at all, customers expressed their satisfaction with Ellie’s top notch customer service and high quality yoga strap which, in turn, motivated her to launch more yoga props.  Soon thereafter, Simple Living brought to market yoga blocks, towels, mats, and mat strap slings.  The list continues to go on and on. 

Our team members of yoga teachers, massage therapists and even a physical therapist, test every single yoga prop prior to its release. We also recruit passionate yoga teachers, yoga students and customers to give us honest feedback, in order for us to better improve our products.  

We visit our manufacturers to ensure the highest quality materials and top notch quality control.  Our products are continually being tested and improved when necessary. 

Ellie’s colleagues endearingly call her the “energizer bunny”.  She is enthusiastic and passionate about her work, her personal yoga practice and healthy lifestyle.  Her dream is to help others make positive changes in their lives.   

Simple Living prides itself on the absolute best customer service.  When we have a happy customer, all of us glow with even more passion for our work.  We do whatever it takes to ensure customers are satisfied, going that extra step to send replacement props when necessary and even sending products “on us” when there is a snafu in the shipping process. 

Ellie attitude is infectious.   “I believe if you have a dream and keep working on it, you will achieve it.  The sky is the limit”.  The Simple Living team share this enthusiastic passion.   

Over the last few years, Simple Living has introduced a variety of products to meet the needs of different yogis, each product being high quality, eco-friendly and body friendly.   

In closing, the goal of Simple Living is to provide customers with the highest quality of products at reasonable prices with top notch customer service.  We continually give back to the community, by providing donations to non-profit organizations and groups, such as Exalted Warrior,  YMCA and under-privileged children groups.  All in all, we are hard working and passionate yogis with a strong work ethic and joy for life.

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Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Acupuncture Physician/Model Scout

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