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Author: Annette K. Scott

Personality patterns or way of being that unwittingly brings disease on and shorten your life.  The structure at the end of our DNA called the Telomere which keeps the DNA together, keeps it from fraying. When we’re born the telomeres are a certain size and they shrink as we age, in other words they’re a mark of aging.  There have been studies following women who cared for an ill parent and it shows that their telomeres were shortened by 10 years.  This doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t care for others, it makes a difference in how much you give to others and yourself and how it affects your health and life expectancy.   

Certain patterns of being and behavior that contribute to chronic illness.  First, is the compulsive and automatic reaction to put the needs of others before yourself.  Second, is the compulsive and rigid identification with role, responsibility, rather than the needs of the self.  The suppression and repression of healthy anger suppresses the immune system and is the third contributing factor.  Suppressing emotions leads to autoimmune disease and cancer.  On the flip side of that, when you give into anger and are raging all the time it increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.   

Nature vs. nurture?  Is it a child’s genetic makeup that causes them to be ill or their genetics they receive from the parents; both.  A parent’s stress actually genetically programs the child in the environment to be stressed and lowers their immune system.  Stress affects the body through the heart rate rising with fight or flight hormones.  In the short term the stress hormones help you to fight or escape and are useful.  However, in the long term the stress depletes your body, suppress your immune system, give you heart disease, high blood pressure, and thin your bones.  With all this being said, it is all exacerbated if a person is isolated and alone.  If someone has a supportive system stress is halved.   

The physiology of one individual cannot be separated from the social and psychological environment; the mind and body cannot be separated.  The emotions are connected physiologically to the immune system, the hormones, and the nervous system.  All of these systems are connected by the nervous system with each affecting the other.  Humans have the need for attachment and authenticity from the time they’re born.  If as babies we are born into an environment where who we are is too much for our parents or their needs over ride ours, we suppress who we are because this threatens our need for attachment.  This bleeds into our behavior as adults and we end up acting like children needing attachment without being authentic because we feel that we aren’t going to be loved or accepted.  Suppressing who we are is part of what makes us sick.  The heart brain connection is connected to our capacity for knowing.  The job of emotions is to respond to approach and welcome the healthy & positive approach and keep out the unhealthy and aggressive ones.  To let in what is healthy and nourishing and keep out what’s dangerous and unhealthy.  The job of the immune system is keep out what’s unhealthy like bacteria or cancer cells and let in what’s healthy such as vitamins and nourishment.  The immune system has been called “the floating brain” because it has recognitions capacity, reactive capacity, and learning capacity.  It does the same thing as the emotions.  If you suppress one you suppress the other!  In real life this translates into, if you don’t know how to say no your body will say it for you.  Saying how to say no to others will change the dynamic of your relationships and end some relationships who are used to you being a yes person.  You will have to see that YOU are more important than your attachments.   

Should we not care for others?  No, the answer is that there has to be self-care.  Finding inner peace through a variety of methods.  You must demand support, take a break, express how you feel, take time for yourself.  Be as kind to yourself as you want to be for others.

Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Acupuncture Physician www.facebook.com/kristencarla

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