October 24 , 2016 / 1 minute, 16 seconds

Been Thinking About Floating?

Author: Annette K. Scott

We know that by know you might have heard about floating and maybe you’ve even been to the studio and walked by the Float Pod and asked someone, “What’s up with that egg thingy?”

Been Thinking About Floating? 1

Well, we want to answer your questions…so here’s a short video made by our fellow floaters in Tacoma…we haven’t made our own version yet but truthfully…I don’t know that we could say it any better…

 And if you want to hear how floating effects you and what kind of results can be achieved by floating regularly…here’s some of what Joe Rogan (a long-time floater and evolutionary life hacker) has to say on it…

I know you want to float…don’t wait…make an appointment today – call us at the studio to schedule 813.773.4017! We have one of the best float tanks in Tampa.  Have a great day.

Peace and strength of heart to you,


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