September 29 , 2016 / 3 minutes, 51 seconds


Author: Annette K. Scott

This yogic blogger yogi is coming off the heels of Wanderlust 108 and wow oh wow what a Sunday!!  Normally you would have to get a crane to pry me out of bed for any Sunday activity.  However, a major event designed to produce more love and peace in the world is a no brainer.  The yoga tampa community and Kodawari was representing strong.

Described as “the world’s only mindful triathlon” it sounded a bit daunting to me but I was in; almost all in.  Cardio, yoga and meditation, oh my!!  It’s comprised of a 5k which you can run, walk, prance, or skip through.  Ashamed to say I overslept for that part as I would have happily, well sluggishly, pranced.  MC Yogi, yea he was there, said the 5k was specifically designed to wear you out a bit and quiet your mind before the yoga class began.  I don’t have a count on the exact number of attendees but i hear about 1,000 attended and Curtis Hixon park was pretty full.  75 minutes of yoga flow which the Dj led us through, there was actually a dance party part in the middle of the class; now we’re talking my language.  This was all followed by a delicious 30-minute guided meditation prompted by a gong sound, just kidding, which I think everyone slept through, at least my crew.

Because I arrived during the 5k I had the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere and watch the runners and walkers alike return.  I say with absolutely no factiousness that it warmed my heart to see people from all walks of life there.  Black, white, brown, yellow, male, female, children, tall, friends, frenemies, strangers, short, petite, large and everything in between.  Also when I arrived most yogi’s were running and mats were strewn across the park.  As far as I hear only one yogi had their mat stolen, hmmmmmmmmm?  It felt to me that yoga is truly a place where people can be themselves and feel accepted.  The outfits they donned were bright, short, loose, patterned, crop topped; and they wore it proudly.  All the body shapes were represented strutting their stuff.  There aren’t many places or events I’ve been to where I’ve seen people coming together, soberly, in the name of love and friendship.  To build a feeling of love to send out into the world, to help ourselves, each other, our community, and the world; there truly is a yoga lifestyle.   I believe Wanderlust was successful in its endeavor and I hope that the feeling that everyone left with continues to have a butterfly effect.

Written by Kristen Carla Blogger/Acupuncture Physician

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