July 25 , 2016 / 5 minutes, 25 seconds


Author: Annette K. Scott


When I was asked to write about one of the classes being offered at Kodawari Yoga Studio I thought it would be a great way to try another class.  There was already a buzz around this class but I haven’t had the nerve to try something completely new.

As I was waiting for the class to begin I noticed it was one of the better attended classes; I was trepidatiously excited.  I also had a brief conversation with a seasoned yoga instructor sitting next to me prior to class who told me she loved the class and it was really taking her yoga practice to another level.

If we’re going to another level, this class is for me!

Don’t let the fact that Justin Rockett is easy on the eyes and very fashionable fool you, he’s incredibly knowledgeable yet breaks things down into layman’s terms.  He explained a little bit about how we were going to proceed.

I appreciated this as I felt like I was in new territory, red alert change change change is on the horizon!!  We were going to break down the fascia, the thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing the muscles or organs, and then directly after go into a posture that will show us exactly how we’ve just affected the body.

There were some props involved, blocks, balls, and a long cylindrical thing that looked interesting.  Make no mistake about the fact that there was a direct body, mind, spirit correlation he addressed.

He indicated the areas that would be affected, the pecs, shoulders, and psoas and how it related to any emotional blockages.  The word that he kept referring to was “surrender”, what can you surrender, trust, and forgive?

We began with some general Namaskar A to warm up the body.  If you’re unfamiliar with this, we did a few sun salutations with up dog and down dog.  We then stood against the wall and attempted some movements to asses our range of motion in our shoulders and pecs.

Then the out came the balls!

They were a bit smaller than a tennis ball and really served their purpose.  We were mostly leaning against the wall for this part with the ball pressed into a specific muscle for a few minutes.

Then we began moving our hands or arms around in small motions and gradually increasing to a larger range of movement. We then returned to the original range of motion exercises to assess any changes.

After that we attempted some yoga postures that utilized that strength and or flexibility of the muscles that we just worked on. You could instantaneously feel the difference in what we worked on!

I personally am one of the least flexible people in the world with two old martial arts shoulder injuries and a long neck that’s always cranky and while writing this just after his class I already felt better.

I’ve been taking yoga for over 10 years and taken in many different parts of the world and never taken a class like this!

It felt like he finally broke through what I hear many yogi’s trying to achieve; greater flexibility and strength.

Yet, this takes years attempting to override injuries, stubborn muscles, and fatigue.It seemed to be the key to opening the door for your physical and spiritual yoga practice to change much more rapidly than the typical yoga class. It is truly a unique and groundbreaking class not to be missed or underestimated.



Justin Rocketts “Soften, Stretch, & Strengthen-Unwinding Fascia For Function” can be taken at Kodawari Studios 3965 S. Henderson Blvd. Suite C Tampa, FL 33629 813-773-4017 on Monday mornings at 9:30 a.m.  He also holds a longer workshop of the class monthly with the next one being held on Saturday July 30th from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. kodawariyoga.com




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