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Kodawari – Welcome to our Home

Author: Annette K. Scott

Kodawari - Welcome to our Home

Walking into Kodawari is like walking into a deliciously relaxing and infinitely healthy friend’s house that has everything you’ve ever wanted. 

Easy to find off a main road, just follow the orange and white butterfly signs, yet tucked in the back corner so you have the relaxing vibe you want while practicing yoga or receiving a delicious massage.

You’re greeted by the most professional and friendly staff that are ready to simply say hello or give you a brief tour and help you find your way around. 

As you turn the corner to your left is the gift shop that provides a rotating selection of local and international items that appeal to all ages, including notebooks, paper goods, desk accessories, unique home décor, yoga goods and accessories, jewelry and more. 

If you’ve arrived to yoga class before work and forgotten your toothpaste, don’t worry we carry organic toothpaste in the gift shop!  You can also find deodorant and hand/body wash, incense, scented candles and much more. 

Across from the gift shop is the café because who doesn’t get hungry after practice?  You don’t have to drive to another location after the lusciousness of yoga fills your body and you simply want to snack and drive straight to bed. 

Kodawari Café not only offers delicious and nutritious items behind the café counter but we have a quick Grab and Go area as well.  For your convenience you can pre order anything from the café that you would like to have ready when you are finished with your yoga practice, float pod or bodywork session.  

Kodawari - Welcome to our Home 1

The butterfly wall will lead the way as you turn the corner and see the glow of the float pod.  You can immerse yourself in the relaxing mineral infused water for relaxation, muscle tension, and overall health. 

If you’re staying for some yoga, massage, or acupuncture you are then facing the treatment rooms and the smaller free cubbies. 

If you’re heading into yoga class both rooms are to your left.  There are a variety of heated and non-heated classes for all levels and all hours of the day starting from 7 a.m.  The heat provided in the rooms isn’t just hot air blowing on you; it’s far infrared heat. 

What’s the difference you ask?  The far infrared (or fir as it’s referred to) allows the body to mobilize otherwise deeply rooted toxins from the cells and get rid of them. 

When people refer to “detoxing” this is one of the most effective ways to do it.  Therefore, it can help with weight loss, allergies, sinus issues, emotional states, and give an overall sense of wellness.

Kodawari - Welcome to our Home 2

If you would like to freshen up just after, the showers and larger storage (ask the front desk for the $2 locks which you can take with you each time you come back to us) are through the door to your right. 

In our restrooms we have full showers for your convenience that are stocked with organic shampoos and body wash.  The ladies changing area offers a private space including face wash, blow dryer and a vanity table with magnified makeup mirrors.   

Feeling refreshed, relaxed, and with a full belly and heart we can’t wait to see you again!!! Namaste



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