February 25 , 2016 / 7 minutes, 30 seconds

Alix and Acro Yoga: Part 1

Author: Annette K. Scott


Hey there! My name is Alix Emery and I am going to be teaching an Acro class with my partner Zach. Our class will take place on Sunday’s at 12:30pm until 2:30pm. You can expect our class to focmus on building trust with a partner, learning how to work safely through postures and leave feeling like a badass. My passion from Acro yoga comes from the development of confidence and trust in yourself and others. When taking our class you can expect to feel supported and inspired. Before I go much further I want to tell you my story on how I came to yoga and Acro in the first place.

Growing up for me was a series of awkward phases. Starting out in my early childhood, I was tall and lanky. I was unable to gain weight and had a series of stomach issues. Middle school was tough because most girls didn’t understand that all girls who are skinny aren’t all anorexic. Nonetheless, I survived and thought high school would be better. Athletics certainly weren’t in my cards. My lankiness came with lack of coordination and reaching my toes seemed inaccessible. You could say flexibility was never my strong suit. I believe the imprints from our childhood and early teens plays a major role in making us who we are but whether we allow them to dictate who you are now, well, that’s up to you to decide.

My mother introduced me to yoga as a young teen and well, I found to be painful. I was extremely tight and didn’t really understand the breath work. I joined her in a Kundalini style class with an instructor named “Yoga Rick”. He was nice but it was boring.

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I came back to yoga in my early 20’s where I found myself to be extremely out of shape and realized that I was really not taking care of myself. I came to yoga looking for a workout. What I found was my purpose and my true self. I found a self that was full of love and removed from judgement. I started classes at my local gym with an instructor by the name of Daiva. She is Lithuanian and she is tough. She taught an Ashtanga based power class and for the first few months I struggled. I had no upper body strength or body awareness. I looked like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time. Over time, I gained strength and for the first time in my life I felt like I fit in. My mat became a place of surrender and self-healing. I fell in love with the strength that came with body control and the effortless transitions I would see. Always struggling with body image, yoga helped me find a settling point between self-hate and self-gratitude. It taught me to be patient and to be kind, not only with those around me but with myself.

While in college, I took a Qualitative Research class and we had to find a topic for a research study. My professor noticing my interest in yoga (doesn’t everyone wear yoga pants all the time?); she suggested I use yoga as my topic. During those next few months, I interviewed different instructors and attended multiple types of classes. It was very eye opening to listen to their stories about how they came to be an instructor and why they preferred a particular style to another. It became clear that there was a place for everyone in the yoga world.


My practice took off after those months and I haven’t looked back. I contacted Jennifer Levy with Pose by Pose to find out more about her 200hr certification and signed up the earliest I could.

I currently work full time and when I am not working, I am practicing or teaching. The passion in my practice currently comes from a powerful, Rocket influenced style. Rocket teaches you to drop expectation and be with where you are now on your mat. The motto being, “no bind, no problem” truly speaks to everyone saying: “come as you are because as you are, is perfect.”


I found Acro yoga a few years ago through Andre Atman who is a wonderful teacher and dear friend. Acro yoga helped me develop courage and trust through working with different people and allowing them to support me (physically and mentally). The connection you receive from working together to create this art, this flow of energy is irreplaceable and seriously addicting (haha). The community you meet will enthrall you with inspiration and support.

Life blesses you with many opportunities but sometimes your current circumstance is not in alignment with your preferences. Yoga however taught me to be strong and gave me peace in times of darkness. Yoga taught me to appreciate my body when it was the hardest to do. The ability to share this with my community, with friends and complete strangers is what fuels my fire. The smiles and gratitude I receive when completing a class is something that cannot be quantified. I am forever grateful for how yoga has shaped and shifted my life.


Consider this my personal invitation to our class. Come to discover new ways of connecting with your community and fellow humans. This class will leave you feeling empowered and excited for more!



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