October 20 , 2015 / 3 minutes, 7 seconds

Welcome to Kodawari Studios

Author: Annette K. Scott


Welcome to Kodawari Studios 1

Welcome! I am so excited to invite you into this new space with me. I have been, and still am, working to cross paths with you at the soon-to-open Kodawari studios. We are intending to open in early Spring of 2016! 

For a number of years now I have been in a caterpillar stage — eating, digesting, processing, working and preparing. For quite some time, I knew that there was more to come; another stage of growth and unfolding was just around the corner.

While my linear, knowledge-based mind could not metabolize or name it; I knew in my body, in the feeling state of growing readiness that a physical space for our mutual growth would have to unfold. The end result is Kodawari Studios.

Kodawari’s mission is to nurture the authentic human while acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect. (click to tweet) This philosophy, known as wabi-sabi, gives us the freedom to embrace life with compassionate sensitivity – all the beauty, all the flaws and all the imperfections. Nothing needs to hidden or corrected –  we can simply let go of the search for magazine-slick outer image.

The words themselves help us to understand its application…Wabi stems from the root wa, which means harmony, peace, tranquility and balance. Sabi means “the bloom of time.” It connotes our embracing the natural progression — a celebration of the freedom that comes from shedding the weight of attachments and material concerns so that we can have an appreciation for the ingenuous integrity of life, the natural objects in it and all the processes in between. One of the keys to living from the wabi-sabi space is to ask three questions: Is it meaningful? Is it functional? Is it beautiful?


I am incredibly happy to find myself here with you.

Please follow our updates on the Blog, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — so that you can meet our yoga teachers, our body workers and wellness practitioners, hear about our café, and discover our retail offerings — not to mention learn how you can be a part of the journey!

Peace and strength of heart to you.

Annette K. Scott

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