June 18 , 2020 / 14 minutes, 38 seconds

9 New Things To Do for Your Studio and the $1000 t-shirt

I have a couple of objectives with this blog.The first is to share with you a technique that I have unfailingly learned to use when I experience pretty much any significant “upset” in my life - mi

    June 7 , 2020 / 4 minutes, 31 seconds

    Ahimsa! Step 1 in the practice of Yoga.

    Ahimsa! Ahimsa! This word, as a philosophical tenet, forms the entire conceptual basis for the practice of the actions of yoga. I say it that long winded way - the practice of the actions of yoga

      May 17 , 2020 / 8 minutes, 1 second

      New, Post Covid-19 Studio Policies

      [caption id="attachment_8023" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Open hand, open heart - come join us on the mat again.[/caption] We are super excited by the prospect of being able to gather and prac

      January 17 , 2020 / 6 minutes, 58 seconds

      The Capricorn cometh!

      Welcome to 2020! Are you ready for whatever comes next? Have you made any decisions about your commitments in life? Your career? Your legacy? Are you the manager of your life or are you an unwilling

      October 23 , 2019 / 8 minutes, 54 seconds

      What’s your Moon Sign, Baby? by Shelly Yoga

      Hey there, what’s your moon sign baby? What, you didn’t even know you had a moon sign? What does it mean? More importantly, what does it mean about you today? Would you like to know more about th

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