Daniel Levi also is known as Instrutor Tubarão started learning Capoeira in Israel in 2004 at the Academy of The Israeli Center for Capoeira under the supervision of Mestre Cueca and Mestre Edan. Tubarão’s capoeira style is of the group Cordão De Ouro of Mestre Suassuna from São Paulo, Brazil. In 2009 Tubarão became a certified Capoeira instructor by Tel-Aviv University in Israel and has been teaching Capoeira classes and workshops ever since. Daniel arrived to Tampa-Bay and decides to settle After traveling around the world participating in workshops and special events in Australia, Europe, and around the USA. In 2018, Tubarão founded The Florida Center for Capoeira

Teaching Style

Instrutor Tubarão has been teaching classes for kids, teenagers, and adults of all levels. Promoting Capoeira to the public’s awareness by providing workshops, performances, and demonstrations at various festivals, fairs, and special events around the U.S. and abroad. Capoeira - Combining cardiovascular and strength training. It burns fat and builds muscle, flexibility, and endurance. It improves balance and coordination. Capoeira is a unique art form mixture of Martial arts, Dance, Music, Movement, Fitness, Acrobatics, and live music. In Capoeira, there are no winners or losers. Performed by two people, it is called a “Game” that is played, not fought.

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