March 13 , 2017 / 4 minutes, 22 seconds

Man on the Mat Spotlight: Travis Veitch

Author: Annette K. Scott

Travis R. Veitch’s yoga journey actually began long before he even took his first formal yoga class. In 2012 Travis realized that his life and his health weren’t headed in the direction of vitality, peace and steadiness – and after seeing himself in the picture below, he decided that he needed to course correct and to take his life and his health back to a space of being able to experience and share the best of himself with others – a truly yogic pursuit!  
Man on the Mat Spotlight: Travis Veitch 1

Now, at the ripe old age of 37, as a lab tech at RingPower Corporation, he has formally made it to the mat where he’s been practicing yoga asana for 6+ months now. If you were to ask him why he practices yoga he will tell you that because, in his words, “I F**king Love It!”

And if you ask him how often he practices, he will tell you that he almost always comes home to the studio before he goes home to his house…In fact, you can find him, on the mat on average, 7 times a week but sometimes as much as 9.

Man on the Mat Spotlight: Travis Veitch 2

Why the frequency you ask? Travis noticed the difference yoga made in his body immediately AND was aware of how it translated to greater ease in other areas of his life, “I started practicing yoga to relieve the arthritis in my back from my workouts. Now I practice to relieve stress and to detox my body and it helps me out a lot with control and breathing when I’m weightlifting.” 

So far Travis has tried quite a few different styles of yoga –  he’s done Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow, Power flow, Hot Vinyasa flow, Hot Power flow and Bikram, but so far his preference lies in the Bikram and Power Flow practices. “Bikram is my favorite practice to do. Not because of the same 26 poses, but because it challenges me from practice to practice with the heat and humidity in the room. Some days are always better than others, but I always feel better afterwards. The Power Flow classes are another favorite because each class is always different. It challenges my body in strength and breathing through the poses.”

Man on the Mat Spotlight: Travis Veitch 3Travis acknowledges that his mindset prior to yoga was that it was a great way to get a stretching routine in alongside your “serious” workouts…”When I first started practicing yoga my mind was like…. Yoga? That will be easy for me to do! lifting weights and doing yoga for just stretching purposes only.”

It wasn’t long before his mindset shifted…Yoga is not just for stretching or for the “weaker” amongst us…”Well I was totally wrong… my strength? I was strong but not for yoga and my endurance was no where near as good as I thought. After practicing at Kodawari everyday and sometimes 2x I’m in the best shape I have ever been in my life.”

When you’re ready, your mat is waiting. You might find yourself next to Travis or some of the other yogis we’re highlighting this month! Don’t wait, make yourself a mat date.



Man on the Mat Spotlight: Travis Veitch 4

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